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Nightly Icon Update - Iteration - 03


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Improve Nightly Branding iteration 03. r=dolske a=aryx for m-c.
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"This next tune we're spinning is a deep cut, for all the old-schoolers out there!"
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What is it supposed to be today, is it a phoenix? If you want to change the icon, you should also change the bigger ones in "About Nigthly" and about:logo so that people can see the image clearly.
And how many icon iterations will there be?
(In reply to Oriol [:Oriol] from comment #6)
> What is it supposed to be today, is it a phoenix?

It's the first "Firefox logo". The first versions were called Phoenix. Phoenix -> Firebird -> Firefox. It was not always called Firefox.
Should I file a bug if my Nightly logo didn't change after update? :/
Probably not -- the OS (Windows, macOS) does some caching, which can cause changes to not show up immediately, and afaik that's out of our control. e.g. I noticed on macOS the icon didn't update after automatically restarting for the update, but it did after I manually quit and relaunch.
When will a icon back to Firefox?
I like it!!

How long will this iteration continue?
What exactly is the intended message of reverting back to 15 year old branding for a bleeding-edge development version? I can appreciate the desire to update branding, but the phoenix iconography looks pretty dated and out of place on a modern desktop. Though, with respect to the scorched-earth policy for 'legacy' add-ons/plug-ins, perhaps it's poetically appropriate.

Despite the Bug 1387254 branding only being around for a short while, I already miss it.
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