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I very like Firefox Sync, but one drawback I see and always read in discussions is, that if someone does not want to use Fennec on Android, there is no way to access the data. For that reason, I would suggest to add more client implementations for other browsers, probably starting with Google Chrome for desktop and Android as an add-on or a dedicated Android app.
Thanks for the suggestion, Michal.

The Sync protocol is documented (albeit not well), and there are three working Mozilla implementations of it (on iOS, Android, and desktop), plus the tooling clients that are the focus of this Bugzilla component. It's possible for third parties to interface with Sync, as Epiphany does, without support from Mozilla.

Implementing Firefox Sync for Chrome would be difficult: I don't think there are enough WebExtensions APIs to be able to sync all the necessary data, and there would be a lot of new work to do.

A separate Android app is feasible, but we haven't to my knowledge seen enough feedback that there's a market for it. A separate iOS app, Firefox Home, that did exactly what you describe didn't get traction.

It is expensive and time consuming to maintain additional clients. There are likely to be Sync connections for future apps that Mozilla builds, but the needs of the apps will drive those, not the other way around.

I'm hoping that the next 12-18 months see significant changes to the way we synchronize data. The best way to make that happen is to minimize the number of moving parts, not to start adding more.

Again, thanks for registering your interest, but I'm going to close this bug as WONTFIX, because we have no plans to build clients for other browsers.
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