Closed Bug 1389999 Opened 2 years ago Closed 2 years ago is going to permafail when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-18


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Firefox 57
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(Reporter: RyanVM, Assigned: lchang)




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[Tracking Requested - why for this release]: Permafailing Marionette tests on the next merge day.

Henrik, can you please take a look? Feel free to redirect as needed, of course :)

TEST-UNEXPECTED-ERROR | TestFirefoxRefresh.testReset | JavascriptException: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80040111 (NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE) [nsIXPCComponents_Utils.import]" nsresult: "0x80040111 (NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE)" location: "JS frame :: :: <TOP_LEVEL> :: line 6" data: no]
Flags: needinfo?(hskupin)
Component: Marionette → Migration
Flags: needinfo?(hskupin)
Product: Testing → Firefox
(In reply to Ryan VanderMeulen [:RyanVM] from comment #0)
> Henrik, can you please take a look? Feel free to redirect as needed, of
> course :)

Gijs or another Firefox dev should have a look at this test given that it's maintained by them.
Flags: needinfo?(gijskruitbosch+bugs)
Matt, looks like either the test should check if form autofill is enabled before trying to use the JSM, or we should ensure we ship with 57.
Blocks: 1371195
Flags: needinfo?(gijskruitbosch+bugs) → needinfo?(MattN+bmo)
Salient bit of info from the log so Matt doesn't have to dig:

[task 2017-08-13T02:14:53.160709Z] 02:14:53     INFO - stacktrace:
[task 2017-08-13T02:14:53.161417Z] 02:14:53     INFO - 	execute_script, line 368
[task 2017-08-13T02:14:53.162155Z] 02:14:53     INFO - 	inline javascript, line 6

[task 2017-08-13T02:14:53.162953Z] 02:14:53     INFO - 	src: "          global.profileStorage = Cu.import("resource://formautofill/ProfileStorage.jsm", {}).profileStorage;"

[task 2017-08-13T02:14:53.163605Z] 02:14:53     INFO - 	Stack:
[task 2017-08-13T02:14:53.164442Z] 02:14:53     INFO -
[task 2017-08-13T02:14:53.165248Z] 02:14:53     INFO -
[task 2017-08-13T02:14:53.166148Z] 02:14:53     INFO - 	evaluate.sandbox/promise<@chrome://marionette/content/evaluate.js:165:13
[task 2017-08-13T02:14:53.166883Z] 02:14:53     INFO - 	evaluate.sandbox@chrome://marionette/content/evaluate.js:116:17
[task 2017-08-13T02:14:53.167718Z] 02:14:53     INFO - 	GeckoDriver.prototype.execute_@chrome://marionette/content/driver.js:1060:14
[task 2017-08-13T02:14:53.168487Z] 02:14:53     INFO - 	GeckoDriver.prototype.executeScript@chrome://marionette/content/driver.js:962:27
[task 2017-08-13T02:14:53.169156Z] 02:14:53     INFO - 	TaskImpl_run@resource://gre/modules/Task.jsm:331:42
Flags: needinfo?(lchang)
Formautofill is going to be enabled on beta soon once bug 1390433 lands. It is supposed to fix this test. I'll take care of this. Keep NI for the reminder.
Assignee: nobody → lchang
Depends on: 1390433
Flags: needinfo?(lchang)
Putting back ni for Luke given that it got accidentally removed.
Flags: needinfo?(MattN+bmo) → needinfo?(lchang)
Oh! Yes, it is. Thanks.
Putting back needinfo for myself since I was going to fix this…
Flags: needinfo?(MattN+bmo)
I end up trying to check the existence of Form Autofill modules before running tests. Not sure if I'm in the right way though.
Flags: needinfo?(lchang)
Comment on attachment 8900596 [details]
Bug 1389999 - Check the existence of ProfileStorage before running tests in
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Check the existence of ProfileStorage before running tests in r=MattN
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 57
This is fixed, no need to track it.
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