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testInputConnection is going to permafail when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-20


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[Tracking Requested - why for this release]: Permafailing tests after the next uplift.

Jan, I see that you touched code related to this in bug 1266683. Can you please take a look at this? Thanks!

TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | testInputConnection | Can reuse composition in Gecko - got <===, expected <=|=|=|
PROCESS-CRASH | testInputConnection | java-exception junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | testInputConnection | Can reuse composition in Gecko - got <===, expected <=|=|=| at
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As far as I can tell, this means that some "selectionchange" events go missing ( Bug 1266683 shouldn't have any influence there, and indeed the test is failing even with it backed out again (

My best guess would be that there's something wonky around the "dom.select_events.textcontrols.enabled" pref ( now - it's disabled by default on anything other than Nightly and maybe for some reason our attempts to enable it ( no longer work.

Hazarding a guess this is probably related to bug 1386468.
Blocks: 1386468
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There is nothing wonky around the pref, the pref works just fine.  Your test is setting is way too late and it is taking no effect.

Generally, the correct way to set prefs for tests is to set them *before* the page is loaded, not after.  In other words, you need to restructure the test to make it first set the pref, then load an iframe that loads the page which has the <input> element being tested.

Here, specifically, the problem is that the place the side effect of the pref is read is here <> and it is triggered when the test forces the instantiation of the underlying editor object <>.  So by the time you set the pref, the change of registering the SelectionChangeListener is already passed, and no selectionchange event will get dispatched.
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Set prefs in testInputConnection itself, before we load
robocop_input.html, so the page uses new pref values.
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Set prefs before loading input test page. r=esawin
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This is fixed, no need to track it.
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