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Steps to reproduce:

I'm inside a corporate network and when my machine is awoken from a sleep, a running firefox can no longer connect through the proxy.

1) Create new profile
2) Check that Options->Advanced->Network->Settings:"Use system proxy settings" is selected
2) Open
3) Open internal site that doesn't require the proxy
4) Sleep machine
5) Wake it up
6) Refresh (2) - I get the "Server not found" error page
7) Refresh (3) - This works fine

I can workaround the problem by selecting "Manual proxy configuration" in the settings, clicking OK and then selecting "Use system proxy settings" and again clicking OK. This seems to reset the proxy connection.

Is a stale connection to the proxy being used after the machine sleeps?

Actual results:

Connecting to external sites through proxy fails after machine sleeps.

Expected results:

External sites should continue to be available.


4 months ago
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Dave, can you expand on what kind of proxy is being used? (SOCKS, HTTP, something else?) Does the proxy require authentication? Does this happen with non-proxied connections?

Also, if you can reproduce this with http logging enabled ( and attach the log, that would help us figure out what's going on.

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Comment 2

4 months ago
Firstly, my steps need a correction:

4.5) Wait for network to reconnect
6) Refresh (2) - I get the "The connection has timed out" error page

When I was attempting to reproduce this, I wasn't behaving as I normally do, ie I don't normally immediately try to reload a page.

So to answer your questions:

As far as I know this is an http proxy that doesn't require authentication. It is coming from the LAN settings (Control Panel->Internet Options->Connections->LAN Settings): Use automatic configuration script. The address is http://wpad/wpad.dat where wpad gets resolved to a geographically specific server. The dat file then provides a geographically specific proxy.

It doesn't happen for sites that don't require a proxy, ie internal ones. However as I've already mentioned that in my steps, I'm perhaps misunderstanding what you mean by "non-proxied connections".
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Comment 3

4 months ago
I don't feel comfortable supplying the log. There are a few too many unidentifiable numbers in there.
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