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Add lodash.isEqual to enable efficient deep compare of objects


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What are the consumers of this going to be? And how does the performance of this compare to whatever we are using today for this?
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It will be used by our React instrumentation (whydidyouupdate mixin) and general logic as to the decision as to why we are updating a react component, see the blocked bug 1390093.

We are not doing this anywhere today... not outside of debugger.html anyhow and we can't access node modules inside devtools.html from outside.

lodash.isEqual() has an excellent reputation amongs React folks for performance so no worries there, besides, for now this is only going to be used when out timing prefs are switched on but other tools should feel free to make use of it if they need performant deep comparison of objects.
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The code looks good. After all, it's just lodash. I haven't reviewed it yet because it's based on other patches that have not landed yet, and I'd like to make sure other reviewers approve of the approach before. In particular bug 1390092.
Seems like jlast decided to include the complete lodash library as part of bug 1391719 so we don't need this any more.
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