TH not showing win10-64 opt mochitest-e10s-4 job added via "add jobs"



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11 months ago
11 months ago


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In try push I used "add jobs" twice. First time I added M-e10s-4 on both debug and opt win10-64 platforms, and the second time I only added opt. TH shows the debug jobs (which I've since retriggered many times) but not the opt ones.

Poking around in taskcluster I can see the jobs were scheduled and ran, but they don't show up in TH. [1] is the task from the first "add jobs" I did and [2] is the task group from the second "add jobs".


Comment 1

11 months ago
So sadly this wasn't the first thing I checked (doh!) but it turns out the opt jobs are visible if the "excluded jobs" button is pressed. They've been hidden by the sheriffs via an exclusion profile. I'm presuming the debug jobs are new so the sheriffs haven't hidden them yet.

In the future one of the things the Treeherder team wants to do is to consolidate the concept of tier-[1-3] + visibile/hidden into one categorisation system (possibly still tier-[1-3], but where tier 3 means hidden too), and for everything to be in the in-tree taskcluster configs, so we can remove the visibility profile feature entirely from Treeherder to avoid this confusion. Bug 1387640 is tracking this work.
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Ah, sorry for the noise! I should have checked the excluded jobs myself :/

Comment 3

11 months ago
It took me 10 minutes to figure it out so don't worry, it's clearly a case of suboptimal UX! (Perhaps we should display "and N jobs hidden by exclusion profile" or similar)

Comment 4

11 months ago
(In reply to Ed Morley [:emorley] from comment #3)
> Perhaps we should display "and N jobs hidden by exclusion profile" or similar

I've filed bug 1390211 for this.
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