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Hovering over pocket icon in popup window causes the URL bar to shift


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Firefox 57
57.2 - Aug 29
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firefox-esr52 --- unaffected
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firefox57 --- fixed


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See attached video. If you hover over the pocket icon in a popup window, the url bar shifts.
Which nightly is this? What version of OS X? Does this reproduce with servo/stylo disabled? How about safe mode? Clean profile with a popup that isn't from a logged-in gmail session ( I find running this in a web console helpful: document.body.addEventListener("click", () =>"", "_blank", "height=200")) ) ?

This could be a frontend issue, but equally looks like something that might be a graphics/layout issue. It'd help if we could narrow this down further, but for now, I can't quickly repro on my own OS X nightly (today, osx 10.12.6)
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Ah, never mind, I need an actual URL in the window, about:blank doesn't do.
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Jared, this seems to be happening because the animatable box unhides on :hover. Any idea what's up?
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(In reply to Johann Hofmann [:johannh] from comment #3)
> Could this be from bug 1389740?

Or that. They both landed in the same nightly, from different branches, so that was fun... (x-ref bug 1390182 as well)
See Also: → 1390182
Component: General → Theme
We unhide it on :hover to preload the animation. We shouldn't do this in windows with chromehidden because the toolbar won't have position:relative.
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I can reproduce this on latest Linux Nightly, 57.0a1 (2017-08-14) (64-bit).

This is specific to the Pocket icon -- it does not happen with the bookmark or "..." icons.

 1. Compose an email message in Gmail.
 2. Shift-click the diagonal-expanding-arrows icon at the top right of your compose-new-message pane. (This should pop out a smaller dialog for your email message.)
 3. Hover the pocket icon in the (non-editable) URL bar for that smaller window.

ACTUAL RESULTS: The entire contents of the URL bar shift upwards by several pixels.  The .../star/pocket icons at the right side shift slightly leftwards, too.
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Whiteboard: [photon-animation][triage] → [reserve-photon-animation]
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Bug 1390264 - Only set up the pocket-animatable-box when animation should begin.
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Only set up the pocket-animatable-box when animation should begin. r=Gijs
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This bug fix is Verified with latest Nightly 57.0a1.
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