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Line spacing is inconsistent in all preferences sections


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In each of the preferences sections, the line spacing is inconsistent in each section. It looks haphazard and unfinished to my auto-proofreading, kerning-aware eye. Screenshots will follow with annotations.
Each set of arrows sharing an origin points to two (or three) instances where the spacing is different for no apparent reason.
Attached image Proxy settings
Bonus question, why are there up-down arrows in the port number field?
The line spacing between applications in the "I haven't used this in ten years, my OS handles this for me" application selector is larger than the line spacing between options in other sections.
Tina / Helen, can you take a look at this?
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I have reviewed the visuals and file issues recently; there are some issues will be solved in bug 1398050. 

Another issues which are related to in-content dialogs, like Proxy settings. I'm aware of that, however, it is not in the scope of Preference refreshment in Fx57, and Photon components design is still in progress. We will consider implementing it in further iterations.
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I'd prefer to set it P5 due to the reason from comment 5. Let's us do triage again to hear opinions from team.
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