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Define test harness arguments in the task definition instead of mozharness


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This only applies to the 'test' kind. Currently arguments to the harness are defined in mozharness configs, like:

Instead, we should define these somewhere in the task definition. This has a few benefits:

1) We can use a morph template to modify the arguments
2) Allows devs to modify harness arguments via create task/edit and retrigger
3) How harness is being run is more transparent
4) Gets us one step closer to moving off of mozharness
Some notes I shared with ahal on IRC:
One place to define all configuration is a great win.
There might be some config that is *only* applicable to Mozharness and devs won't care.
mach commands would have to grab configuration values from task definitions rather than MH configs.
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I made some good progress on this, unfortunately hit a road block. There's no good way to pass in test harness args over buildbot-bridge, we'd have to create a new buildbot property. There's no env or extra command line that gets forwarded.

I talked to :catlee and he said the migration off of buildbot is mostly blocked on getting new hardware, and could conceivably be done by early Q1. I think it makes more sense to block on the migration than to try and figure this out.

That's not to say progress needs to stall out completely. I already have patches that lay all the ground work for this, I think we should still get them landed in the meantime, and maybe convert a suite that doesn't run over buildbot-bridge anywhere (like xpcshell) as a proof of concept.
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there is not much run on buildbot-bridge these days- this plan sounds good.
Product: TaskCluster → Firefox Build System

While I still think this is something we should do, I'm (somewhat obviously) not working on this at the moment, nor do I have plans to resume in the near future.

Assignee: ahal → nobody
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