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remove addon devel builds from beta


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These have been superceded by devedition builds. 

so the devedition builds supercede the addon builds, correct?  I see the addon builds are still running on beta and was going to remove them
11:07 AM 
<catlee> Chris AtLee I think so, yeah 
11:07 AM Maybe not on release 
11:22 AM 
<Callek> Justin Wood kmoir: yea, I was going to ask about that too, in my spreadsheet we have BB addon builds still, and we never migrated any of them for windows anyway
11:22 AM 
<kmoir> Kim Moir okay I will open a bug to remove them on beta
11:23 AM and ask kev to update his doc to reflect that the devedition builds should be used
11:23 AM 
<Callek> Justin Wood would be good to know if we need them on release, since if so we need to migrate them to tc anyway
11:43 AM mtabara|mtg → mtabara
11:44 AM 
<kmoir> Kim Moir i think they can just go away when we uplift
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>          continue

should we actually do a items at least "gecko 56" as well rather than simply "mr_gecko_version" or some such, specifically to not run these alongside TC copies?
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on m-i and m-b
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