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Don't allow line-wrap between the external-link icon and the link text


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Currently, line wrapping when rendering the site allows the line to wrap between the external-link icon and the link's text. This shouldn't happen.

See the attached screenshot for an example taken from (it's up to you to adjust your width until it wraps).

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This looks like the "external" class should be using white-space: pre-wrap instead of white-space: pre-line as it currently does. In my experimentation, that seems to clear it up. Does that seem right?
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Thanks for reporting Sheppy, I will look into it. Your evaluation does seem like what we want.
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Attached image nowrap.png
Tested `pre-wrap` which does not seem to work. What does work is setting the anchor to `nowrap`. This could potentially cause some odd display behaviour as long anchors will break to a new line in its entirety. See attached screenshot.

This particular one is not that bad, but you can get the general idea.

That's interesting, because I tried using pre-wrap and it worked for me at the time. Interesting.

Seems that meanwhile there is no external-link icon in the style. Please see new attachment.

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