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Add xz binaries to buildbot workers


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In devedition 56.0b4 build1 we hit errors like this:

14:09:04     INFO -  MAR=../../dist/host/bin/mar.exe \
14:09:04     INFO -  MOZ_PRODUCT_VERSION=56.0 \
14:09:04     INFO -    c:/builds/moz2_slave/rel-m-beta_de_w32_l10n_rpk-000/build/mozilla-beta/tools/update-packaging/ \
14:09:04     INFO -    '../../dist/update/firefox-56.0.ach.win32.complete.mar' \
14:09:04     INFO -    'c:/builds/moz2_slave/rel-m-beta_de_w32_l10n_rpk-000/build/mozilla-beta/obj-l10n/dist/l10n-stage/firefox'
14:09:04     INFO -  xz was not found on this system!
14:09:04     INFO -  exiting

The windows l10n jobs still happen on buildbot machines so we need to have xz available there for bug 1385780. I'm looking at adding it to tooltool and adjusting the PATH.
Uploaded to tooltool, sha512 1830819d78fb8bf164000fea0e79f2268509bc2557ba302eb1b30b73f306e6122ab478edd854ae688e51d9378e03ed57c56c0e7399bbb04509c46c6fc7718692.
Redid that to add a xz-5.2.3 prefix so that it unpacks nicely, sha512 8c34a608c83524d3ec3c9ef7f71b94ada9775bf2d7fdc843006e84205760157ae71bfa1f5836782716bbfaf63f2d003b1bb5e45f132bfbdaed3dfe5f10e8ae99.
This is untested but I think it should work. Will test while builds are running.
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This is the same approach Thunderbird used in bug 1387227 and avoids fighting your way through a thicket of functions to make sure the interpolation works.
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[gecko] Add xz for windows l10n repacks, v2

This doesn't work in the release repack script.
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Ugly but it works.
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Add xz binaries to buildbot workers, r=aki
Green l10n jobs for deved 56.0b4 build2 on 80312a6daa08.
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Keep tooltool manifests in sync (Port bug 1391473: Add xz binaries to buildbot workers). rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
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