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Top sites entries are identical for two sites with same domain name, no path, and different public suffixes


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In top sites, we currently show "subdomain.domain" if the page url does not have a path (e.g. url is "", not ""). However, this breaks down when we have two domains with the same name but different public suffix, e.g.

See the attached screenshot.

My suggestion would be to show "subdomain.domain.public-suffix" if we have two sites with the domain and no path.

In the US, I don't think users will visit the same domain with different suffixes enough for them to be in their top sites (e.g. redirects to but internationally, this might be more of a problem.

Flod, do you think this is a problem internationally? Specifically, I'm trying to figure out if it's worth the time and code complexity to fix this issue.
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I think it has impact, especially for some sites.

Example: Amazon. "" doesn't redirect to "", they're separate site with the same login. I don't pay for delivery on the latter, I pay delivery and customs on the former. Result: I would never click on, I would click on "Amazon" or "".
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Bryan, Aaron, how do we want to address this? I have a suggestion in comment 0.
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Spoke with bbell on vidyo: rather than chasing all the edge cases making our naming algorithms perfect, we should aim for the ultimate goal of allowing users to customize their top sites titles: bug 1394534.

As such, we'll invest our time elsewhere rather than fixing this: wontfix.
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