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Restore texture binding state before exiting RenderDXGITextureHostOGL::EnsureLockable()


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RenderDXGITextureHostOGL::EnsureLockable() updates inding of GL_TEXTURE_2D. But WebRender keeps texture binding state and uses the state to update texture binding. EnsureLockable() breaks how to bind texture by webrender.

Therefore EnsureLockable() have to restore texture binding state of GL_TEXTURE_2D when exiting the function.
The following is a call stack when the problem happened

> libGLESv2.dll!gl::Context::handleError(const gl::Error & error) Line 1945	C++
> libGLESv2.dll!gl::ValidateTexImageFormatCombination() Line 46	C++
> libGLESv2.dll!gl::ValidateES3TexImageParametersBase() Line 211	C++
> libGLESv2.dll!gl::ValidateTexSubImage2D() Line 2021	C++
> libGLESv2.dll!gl::TexSubImage2D() Line 2330	C++
> xul.dll!gleam::gl::{{impl}}::tex_sub_image_2d(a) Line 487	Unknown
> xul.dll!webrender::device::Device::update_texture_from_pbo() Line 1628	Unknown
> xul.dll!webrender::renderer::{{impl}}::render::{{closure}}(closure) Line 1521	Unknown
> xul.dll!webrender::renderer::Renderer::render() Line 1506	Unknown
> xul.dll!mozilla::wr::RendererOGL::Render() Line 162	C++
> xul.dll!mozilla::wr::RenderThread::UpdateAndRender(mozilla::wr::WrWindowId aWindowId) Line 223	C++
> xul.dll!mozilla::wr::RenderThread::NewFrameReady(mozilla::wr::WrWindowId aWindowId) Line 170	C++
> xul.dll!mozilla::detail::RunnableMethodImpl<RefPtr<mozilla::GetUserMediaWindowListener>,bool>::Run() Line 1195	C++
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Assignee: nobody → sotaro.ikeda.g
Summary: Restore texture binding state at RenderDXGITextureHostOGL::EnsureLockable() → Restore texture binding state before exiting RenderDXGITextureHostOGL::EnsureLockable()
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patch - Restore texture binding state before exiting RenderDXGITextureHostOGL::EnsureLockable()

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I filed on the webrender side. I would feel a lot better about fixing this in webrender because ScopedBindTexture incorrectly assumes that the texture target to be restored is the same as the current one which is not necessarily true. Since webrender uses several targets, we would run into bugs if the previously bound texture target was different from GL_TEXTURE_2D.

I am giving this a soft non-definitive r- because I think we should try to fix this in webrender first. But we can revisit this approach if for whatever reason we decide not to do it in webrender (but then we'd still have to fix the texture target issue).

::: gfx/thebes/gfxPlatform.cpp
@@ +2462,5 @@
> +//      FeatureStatus::Unavailable,
> +//      "GPU Process is disabled",
> +//  }
> +//#endif

I assume this would be removed from the patch before landing.
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