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Write the about:telemetry GSOC 2017 Work Product Submission


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This bug allows to review the work project submission paper located here :
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s/This page/`about:telemetry`/ since it could be referring to the gist instead of the page you redesigned.


s/we collect/Firefox collects/

In Description

s/Mainly, the file I modified are/Mainly I modified the files/

s/then browse/then browse to/

Have you taken a look at last year's project submission documents? (you need to click the "GET THE CODE" links to see the documents)
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I fixed those but probably introduced a lot of new english related mistakes as I added some new text.
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Only little things, but I like nitpicking so there are a few of them :D


"Firefox collects and send" -> "Firefox collects and sends"

"most of the patch I created" -> "most of the patches I created"

"available on Firefox Nightly" -> "available in Firefox Nightly"

"on small change" -> "on small changes"

"with others about:* pages." -> "with other `about:*` pages like `about:addons`."

"all the category" -> "all the categories"

"that change" -> "that changes"

All "json" should be "JSON" (it is an acronym)

"in the Firefox's internal" -> "using Firefox's internal"

"between ping" -> "between pings"

"A search" -> "A search feature"

"allowing to search" -> "allowing a user to search"

"for all section" -> "for all sections"

"on the home" -> "on the home section"

For l10n it is good style to spell localisation out at least once at its first use. So the title could be "Localisation is hard." and then use "localisation (l10n)" the first time you want to use it in the text.

Speaking of the text, I like the conversational tone of this section.

"modifying some localisation (l10n) files but the strings" -> "modifying some localisation (l10n) files. Some strings"

"html" is an initialism so should be "HTML"

"added to it" -> "added to them"

"clickable link" -> "clickable links"

About the "Modifying strings" sentence: it can be its own paragraph, Firefox should be capitalized, and it would be nice if you explained why the string id keys needed to be changed when the string was changed.

"concordance with the name" -> "difference between the noun"

You should include an example here of the noun and the adjective to illustrate your point.

"other languages that's" -> "other languages like Polish. That's"

"two string" -> "two strings"

"all the things !" -> "all the things!"

"As a lot of people work on Firefox source code, and I worked on a lot of bug at once" this is a sentence fragment. Perhaps reword "I often had to rebase my latest commit on the updated central repository since a lot of people work on the Firefox source code and I worked on a lot of bugs at once."

"Someone" -> "someone"

"to thanks" -> "to thank"

"has win" -> "has won"
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