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3 months ago
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Steps to reproduce:

Trying to access this URL ( through HTTP 1.1 proxys does not open the file.

I actually went to investigate with Wireshark what happens and it seems Firefox does not redirect to the FTP address found on the Location header. It opens the connection with the proxy but doesn't send the GET request to it, just leaves the connection open. The same request works fine on Internet Explorer 11 and Google Chrome 60.

Actual results:

The tab doesn't open the destination file on ftp. The browser doesn't seem to be redirecting the link. I thought the problem might be because Firefox redirect protection, but disabling it in the Options -> Advanced menu didn't change anything.

If I copy the destination FTP URL ( and paste directly on the browser, it works fine.

Expected results:

The browser should redirect from http to ftp as specified in the location header.


3 months ago
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Patrick, I'm not even sure this (cross-protocol redirect) is something we would want to support. Thoughts?
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Comment 2

3 months ago
Just to note that it works fine on a network without proxy. In that case it uses the FTP protocol after the redirect as expected. So it already supports cross-protocol redirects, except when using a proxy.
this is backlog material.. we're wrong - low impact.
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(In reply to Nicholas Hurley [:nwgh][:hurley] (also from comment #1)
> Patrick, I'm not even sure this (cross-protocol redirect) is something we
> would want to support. Thoughts?

Oh, we definitely do and want.  FTP is somewhat unsupported tho, so that we can soon end up w/o any native FTP support in Fx.
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