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Laptop fans run harder/longer and laptop generates more heat running Firefox than Chrome


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Steps to reproduce:

To explicitly test this (as opposed to just experiencing it during "real world" browsing), I have opened like 20-30 bookmarks at once. Another thing I've done is quitting and then soon after restarting/opening the browser again.

Actual results:

On firefox, the fan spins up crazy busy and soon more heat can be noticed on the laptop. This has been replicated by me on several different laptops to include ThinkPad, Dell Latitude, and System 76. All Laptops running a version of Linux.

Same procedure done on Chrome does not result in rapidly increasing fan speed and noticeable heat increase.

Expected results:

Here are the top 3 reasons I left Firefox. (I was a Firefox user since v2 before leaving for Chrome). I want Firefox to succeed so I continue to advocate for Firefox:

1) Responsiveness of Chrome (Chrome remains responsive even when under load, that is it doesn't "freeze" or seem to slow down under load).

2) Chrome just runs better on my linux boxes. That is, the fan doesn't run nearly as much as it does on Firefox, the laptop doesn't get as warm as on Firefox, and Chrome uses less CPU than Firefox. Chrome does use more RAM than Firefox. But for me this is a non-issue.

3) Chrome was simply faster than Firefox in loading webpages.

Firefox v57 has made dramatic improvements on issues 1 & 3 above. Although it has also improved on issue 2 above, it still is not at parity with Chrome. I would like to see Firefox gain the "fan and CPU discipline" on linux that is seen in Chrome.
Unfortunately this kind of bug report isn't helpful because it doesn't describe any specific issue.
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