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Use Services.wm instead of importing nsIWindowMediator


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(seamonkey2.53 fixed, seamonkey2.54 fixed)

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seamonkey2.53 --- fixed
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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1391640 +++

See Bug 1391640 Comment 2

> There is also window-mediator but that can be another bug.

Most calls in suite import nsIWindowMediator via a variable. This can be simplified by just using Services.wm
Should be good but need to test it first. I didn't bother checking if services.jsm needs to be imported into the download manager tests. They are broken for sure anyway and need to be redone.
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Test with 2.53 successful.

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User impact if declined: none just code cleanup
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>+++ b/suite/browser/nsBrowserContentHandler.js

> function getMostRecentWindow(aType)
> {
>+  return Services.wm.getMostRecentWindow(aType);
> }
You might as well just git rid of this function and change the callers to use Services.wm

>+++ b/suite/browser/nsBrowserContentListener.js

>-const mediatorContractId = ";1";
Hmmm, wonder when the code that used this existed...

>+++ b/suite/common/src/nsSuiteDownloadManagerUI.js

>   //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
>   //// nsISuiteDownloadManagerUI
>   get recentWindow() {
>-    var wm = Cc[";1"].
>-             getService(Ci.nsIWindowMediator);
>-    return wm.getMostRecentWindow("Download:Manager");
>+    return Services.wm.getMostRecentWindow("Download:Manager");
>   },
Worth removing and just have the callers use Services.wm instead?

There are probably other Services.* that can be spun off into new bugs e.g.
>   var obs = Components.classes[";1"]
>                       .getService(Components.interfaces.nsIObserverService);

r/a=me with those addressed
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User Services.wm instead of importing nsIWindowMediator in SeaMonkey. r=IanN
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