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Upgrade mozharness tests to Mercurial 4.3


(Release Engineering :: Applications: MozharnessCore, enhancement)

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(firefox56 fixed, firefox57 fixed)

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firefox56 --- fixed
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mozharness is currently testing with Mercurial 4.1. We've updated to Mercurial 4.3.1 pretty much everywhere for security fixes. We should test with the Mercurial we actually use in CI.
Isn't that driven by PuppetAgain or any other provision tools for the VMs? I'm fairly sure that mozharness just uses what the operating system has installed. So bug 1390299 would cover OS X.

Greg, is that correct? If yes do we also have bugs filed for Windows and Linux workers?
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Mercurial is being mass upgraded. This is tracked in various bugs. See the "hg43" tracking bug.
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Bug 1392700 - Use Mercurial 4.3 in mozharness tests;
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Bug 1392700 - Initialize repository using latest requirements;

I'm not sure why dotencode either, other than getting windows unit tests to pass. If they pass without it, I'm happy to have it gone.
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Use Mercurial 4.3 in mozharness tests; r=aki
Initialize repository using latest requirements; r=aki
Vendor robustcheckout with capabilities detection; r=glob
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