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Port the FX changes for the in-content prefs to TB


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Thunderbird 57.0


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FX had some changes for the in-content prefs and other in-content pages to match the Photon visual specs.

Bug 1357306 - [meta] Preferences visual refresh.
Bug 1377174 - Tweak margin to match the spec.
Bug 1386514 - Support RWD for about:preferences to match Photon visual spec.
Bug 1388997 - Add hover effects for menu items on preference page.
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The most visible change are the categories on the left side. I use now new icons for "General", "Composition", "Security" and "Attachments". General and Security are from FX, the other two are from Monterail theme.

I separated the icons into single files like FX also did. It seems this is faster than a single file with all icons in it.

I also followed the font size changes of FX prefs. The colors are taken directly from toolkit.

To test the patch try to resize the window and look how the categories shrink and grow and correlate it to the Add-ons Manager. But the margins aren't the same on AM like on FX prefs.

We can't completely follow the FX prefs as we still use the same prefs for the windowed prefs.
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Sorry, but I think this looks pretty terrible.

Can't we make the headings a little smaller or have more space?

Can't we have at least a line separating the menu on the left from the content on the right? Also for add-ons? Or a mild grey?

The previous in-content prefs looked elegant, this looks like version 0.0.1 of a website where all the content is there any no one has thought about the formatting yet.
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That's with
caption > label {
  font-size: 1.3rem;
and #ebebeb.
I'm also not a fan of this no separation between category area and content. For our prefs your proposal is no problem but I need to look how I can override the toolkit pages.
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Luckily we had already a overlay for the legacy label in Add-ons manager. I added a new CSS file in skin to not force our color to 3rd party themes.
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Port the FX changes for the in-content prefs to TB. r=jorgk
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