sync reorders bookmark toolbar folder, random dups and deletes




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Steps to reproduce:

Set up 2 Linux and one OSX Firefox on the same Sync account, all within 1 version of each other
Share only Bookmarks
Display BookMarks Toolbar
Create several hundred bookmarks under BookMarks Toolbar
Don't sync one for over a week
Make changes to other two FF BookMarks Toolbars: add, delete, move bookmarks between folders
Start up laggard FF
Sync occurs

Actual results:

Random changes occur when week old FF syncs:
First top Folder disappears (deleted) OCCURS OFTEN
Top level menus change position
Deleted bookmarks reappear
Moved bookmarks appear in old and new folder OCCURS OFTEN

Expected results:

Deleted bookmarks should stay deleted in final Sync version
Moved bookmarks should only appear in new position in final Sync version
First Folder in Bookmarks Toolbar should not be deleted

Comment 1

7 months ago
I am a heavy user of bookmarks due to working within layered VPN environments, search engines just don't work well, if they are even available. However I do have tunnels to FF sync. 

I just returned from vacation, where 2 of my 3 Sync'd FF were idle for over a week. As usual, the first Sync that occurs is horrific. This time it re-ordered all the top level ToolBar folders. Usually it just deletes the first (left-most display) folder. For some reason the fourth folder accumulates large numbers of Separators at the bottom. Other changes have already been detailed in the initial report.

Clearly FF does not have a source control engine or dependency graphs. I'm not even asking for that. Just please stop the folder deletions and randomizing. If I have to delete duplicates as a result of a bookmark folder move, I can live with that.


7 months ago
Component: Untriaged → Sync
I'm really sorry. There have been numerous reports of Sync scrambling and duping bookmarks over the years, particularly if you have many bookmarks and folders, and your devices don't sync immediately after making changes. Looks like you've hit both, with a fairly common scenario. :-(

This is an artifact of how the Sync service handles interrupted uploads (bug 1378567 will fix that), and how Firefox applies synced bookmarks. Bug 1305563 addresses this exact class of issues, so I'm going to close this as a duplicate. Thanks for filing!
Last Resolved: 7 months ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 1305563
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