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Remove updatev2.manifest support and other code that is no longer necessary for backwards compatibility after the next watershed.


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firefox58 --- fixed


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It isn't clear yet at this time when the next watershed will be though it was planned for 56 so when this is possible isn't entirely clear yet.

The following will no longer be needed after the watershed
updatev2.manifest support
removal of the precomplete file in the root of the OS Xapplication bundle - bug 1071465
distribution directory migration on OS X -  bug 1068439

The test changes in the bugs referenced will also need to reverted.
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Pushed to oak

I went ahead and pushed this to oak in case the mar generation has issues with dealing with a file that doesn't contain any instructions.
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patch rev2

Tested updates on oak and all looks good.
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Remove updatev2.manifest support and other code that is no longer necessary for backwards compatibility after the next watershed. r=mhowell
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Tom, with the update watershed you should be able to remove all of the entries in Thunderbird's file as was done in this bug's patch for Firefox.
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Will this code be needed ESR 59?
This patch which removes the updatev2.manifest support will be in ESR 59 since it landed for 58 and 56.x is an update watershed. When the changes are made can happen anytime after the update watershed since they are there to support updating from earlier versions.
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rstrong: it looks like is no longer needed.  Is there a ticket tracked to tear that whole thing out?  Can it not, in fact, be done yet for some other reason?
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Not at all. This is needed for one-off removals which can be 3rd party files that are dropped into the install dir, files accidentally added after the generation of the precomplete file (happened recently with some OS X signing changes), files in the distribution directory, and probably other cases as well. I don't see this file ever being removed due to these reasons.
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