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android-aarch64 is probably the wrong %BUILD_TARGET% to use for aarch64 Balrog submission


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Various queries for app update, gmp updates, blocklist, etc include a %BUILD_TARGET% which expands like this for Android builds:

arm:      Android_arm-eabi-gcc3
x86:      Android_x86-gcc3
aarch64:  android-aarch64

At least that's what we have in the Fennec-mozilla-central-nightly-20170823100559 release in Balrog, but the aarch64 seems very likely to be wrong based on will need a new value once we know what a device actually queries with. The balrogworker that does the submission looks at the platform in the manifest of the upstream task, which is android-aarch64. buildbot2updateplatform() passes that value on since it doesn't have a mapping.
So from 
  .replace("%BUILD_TARGET%", "Android_" + AppConstants.MOZ_APP_ABI + pkgSpecial)
in [1] we want MOZ_APP_ABI, which leads 
at [2]. And in a nightly build for aarch64 on m-c [3] we have 

pkgSpecial depends on MOZ_PKG_SPECIAL, which I don't think gets defined for mobile builds.

So I think it should be Android_aarch64-gcc3.

jlorenzo, do you know this code well enough to review ?
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[tools] Add mapping for android-aarch64

Review of attachment 8900548 [details] [diff] [review]:

I don't really know that code, but I can tell the values are correct! The string "Android_aarch64-gcc3" is defined in the APK. More precisely, it's encoded within classes.dex. Once the APK unzipped, you can `grep -r 'Android_aarch64-gcc3'` and see there's a match in that binary file. Searching for 'Android_arm-eabi-gcc' doesn't return anything in the aarch64 APK (but does in the ARM one).

To be even more sure, that file can be decoded thanks to apktool[1]. You can grep again, and see that the string is part of smali/org/mozilla/gecko/updater/UpdateServiceHelper.smali, which aligns with the file you pointed out.

We're all good, then! Thanks for spotting this out, Nick :D

By the way, just for the record aarch64 isn't shipped. It's currently for testing only. 

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[tools] Add mapping for android-aarch64

Thanks for verifying directly in the apk, good idea.

I understand that we don't use this now, and won't unless we add updates for single locale repacks. I noticed this as part of bug 1380605, when I needed to know the target for aarch64 to serve the openh264 plugin, and we didn't have it in the mapping.
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(In reply to Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] from comment #5)

No, I don't think so. That looks like leftover config from when we ran the builds on buildbot, and there's no mention of aarch64 in there.
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Turns out we have to do more work to get the tools change into the funsize workers, but bug 1396092 will likely take care of that for us.
See Also: → 1396092
Bug 1396092 comment #5 fixed that up - we have an Android_aarch64-gcc3 platform in Fennec-mozilla-central-nightly-latest now. I've done some cleanup at bug 1396092 comment #7.
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