Default Flexible Space Reappears in Nightly after using release Firefox




7 months ago
7 months ago


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7 months ago
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Steps to reproduce:

1.  Open 57 Branch Nightly.  My Nightly is 64-bit.  I have reproduced this bug using both my profile and the default profile.
2.  Remove flexible spaces left of the address bar and right of the search bar using Customize menu.  These flexible spaces are there by default.  I have not moved either the address bar or the search bar.
3.  Close Nightly.
4.  Open 55/release Branch Firefox.  This version of Firefox is 32-bit for me.  Let the program startup to the home page - my homepage is about:home.
5.  Close Firefox.
6.  Open 57 Branch Nightly again.

Actual results:

a)  When I open Firefox 55, the flexible spaces that I removed are still gone.  (Expected)
b)  When I reopen Nightly 57, the flexible spaces that I removed in Customize reappear to the left of the address bar and to the right of the search bar.

Expected results:

a) When I open Firefox 55, the flexible spaces should remain gone.
b) When I return to Nightly 57, the flexible spaces should still remain gone.

I am not an expert on how Firefox handles customizations, but this bug could be caused by having a 32-bit version of release Firefox and a 64-bit version of 57 Nightly.  This issue has also occurred after major updates to Nightly.  Nightly seems to recognize using 55 Firefox then 57 Nightly as an update even though both versions are already on my computer.


7 months ago
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Comment 1

7 months ago
This is a known issue. I understand that you don't think this is correct behaviour, and I somewhat agree. However, I also don't think it's worth fixing given that very few people switch back between release and nightly with the same profile, and it generally causes much worse problems (like loss of session store and/or indexeddb data because of schema / storage changes).
Last Resolved: 7 months ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX

Comment 2

7 months ago
That makes sense.  I have not seen this problem show up during an update for a while now, and if I do I will report that separately.
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