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Games stop responding when I switch tabs


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Steps to reproduce:

1. I opened the Firefox, and then opened a game. In fact, some MMO games to reproduce with.
2. I started loading the MMO games. After it was fully loaded, and ensuring the game can respond to my clicks, I switched tabs.
3. I then switched back to the game. I tried clicking somewhere on the game.

Actual results:

The game stopped responding, but in a strange way. The game still work fine as usual, but when I click on somewhere in the game, the game doesn't register my clicks.
What I mean: normally without switching tabs, the game can respond to the clicks, at least it's for my problem. But, when I switch tabs, and then return to the game, the game still works, runs fine. What actually happens is that the game stops registering my clicks, and therefore, the game seems softlocked. However, it can be fixed by opening the Analyze Elements and then closing it. But it's really annoying, and it's not just ONE MMO game- even since the update, I've been having this annoying issue for some games. It's happened to me in these MMO games: Dawnbreaker Online, and Divine Storm.

Expected results:

The games should have still responded, and should have still registered my clicks, even after switching tabs. Even since the newest Firefox update, it has negated this.
It should also be added that some peoples may also experience this issue with certain MMO games. This reproduction of issue only worked for me, I'm not sure if I'm the only one.
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Sorry, was mistake.
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I want to add that, after reinstalling Firefox, it fixed this problem. I felt like I needed to state/confirm this statement. But, it hasn't been fixed. I'm wishing this bug could be fixed with a update, without having to reinstall Firefox.

At least, on the bright side, I didn't lose any data on Firefox.
Hi, can you provide a link to the game that had the issue?
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Duplicate of bug: 1391247
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