Remove Dialogue Box for Task Editing (Feature Request)



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Lightning 5.4.3




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Steps to reproduce:

This is a feature request; I was told to post this here in Bugzilla (

When you open the tasks tab in Thunderbird, you are presented with the list of tasks, and at the bottom is a window showing the contents of the task's Description.  

Actual results:

However, the text in this window is not editable.  To edit it, you have to ignore what you see and go double-click on the task in the list and go to the Description tab in the dialogue box.

To change the details of the task you have to use the dialogue box.
Except that you can change the category, completion, priority and deletion already without using the dialogue.

Expected results:

So I am requesting that we remove the dialogue completely and put all the controls in the lower panel of the main Tasks Tab/Window.

I am requesting in the very least that the Description edit area be made directly editable instead of requiring the dialogue box.

Removing the dialogue box would make Tasks soooo much more user-friendly and useful.  It would be more GTD.  It would be more like most modern To-do applications.  If Thunderbird did this then I would abandon all other todo applications.


a year ago
Severity: normal → enhancement
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