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Try syntax no longer schedules some jobs (e.g. web-platform-tests-wdspec)


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I used to be able to schedule web-platform-tests-wdspec like this: 

try: -b do -p linux64 -u marionette,web-platform-tests-wdspec -t none 

Worked on August 14:

But not anymore. August 25:

When I used -u all, the wdspec job gets scheduled. 

I think maybe firefox-ui-functional-local and others have become broken as well.
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This is because Joel turned off all non-e10s tasks on linux, so try:
try: -b do -p linux64 -u marionette,web-platform-tests-wdspec-e10s -t none

For future reference you can debug stuff like this by using |mach try fuzzy|, though at that point you might as well just use |mach try fuzzy| to begin with :).

Also I'd agree that specifying 'web-platform-tests-wdspec' should schedule both e10s and non-e10s, so feel free to turn this bug into that (though I'm certainly not volunteering!)
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P.s, ./mach try fuzzy has a --preset/--save option now, so:
./mach try fuzzy -q "!cov !pgo 'wdspec" --save wdspec
./mach try --preset wdspec
Yep, web-platform-tests-wdspec-e10s works. 

I also noticed that web-platform-tests-reftests didn't break in this way: e10s tests are always scheduled regardless of whether there's an e10s suffix or not. The only difference in their config is that wpt-reftests is listed in UNITTEST_ALIASES in try_option_syntax. 

Indeed, adding the wdpsec identifiers there fixes the issue:

...that seems weird and unintentional.
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