clicking reload only refreshes what was there. does not seem to reload the actual page. changes to php program are not reflected.




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Steps to reproduce:

I am developing applications using a local apache server and php.  I use bitnami winampstack.  I change something in the php save it and click reload on firefox and the changes are not reflected in the page.  I have added the cache clear addon and that sort of helps but it is a pain in the butt to have to clear cache each time when it shouldn't be an issue.  Changes to actual programming as in what is echoed to the screen and changes in the format of tables and such should not require a clearing of the cache.  In the past reloading twice might be required to actually reload but now it just doesn't seem to ever reload until a large amount of time has passed. I was having this issue on the 32 bit version, I upgraded to 64 bit and it is still happening.  I'm now on win 10

Actual results:

reloading page does not change the content of the screen, even though the underlying program has changed.

Expected results:

the page should be reloaded with the new output from the program.  If I added a line that says echo "HELLO";  I should see HELLO on my screen.  I don't.
It's a server misconfiguration. See this MDN article or just search "no-cache" for how to solve the issue.
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