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SETA adjustments for stylo jobs


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currently on autoland we run a lot of stylo jobs, in fact these are run every push and using a lot of resources.  Soon we will be running stylo by default, this means getting rid of the -stylo jobs and bringing up -non-stylo jobs.

we should be prepared and optimize our jobs as best as possible with SETA so results are returned in a timely manner.
If we assume all jobs named "-stylo" will be renamed to "-stylo-disabled", are we ready to pre-fill SETA now?
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Not with the current implementation of SETA.

We can enable the jobs and as soon as they show up on Treeherder we can jump in and set the right priority.
Okay, I'll flip the dependency here then, as "stylo-nightly" bug is the one where the new jobs will appear.
No longer blocks: stylo-nightly
Depends on: stylo-nightly
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lets have code ready for this- we should be able to handle this in ~1 day- just ensure we are not on PTO, etc. as there are only 2 of us that are really familiar with SETA (myself and Armen)
There's no need to handcraft the preseeding.
I will give the notes to emorley & camd (or anyone with access to Treeherder's Heroku).

It will be worse to expect the preseed to work and fail to do so while we're away.

jryans: when are you aiming to enable the "disabled" stylo jobs, disable the current stylo jobs and enable stylo by default?
(In reply to Armen [:armenzg] from comment #5)
> jryans: when are you aiming to enable the "disabled" stylo jobs, disable the
> current stylo jobs and enable stylo by default?

We are hoping to enable Stylo by default and stand up the "stylo-disabled" jobs this week, ideally on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Whiteboard: [stylo]
Bug 1330412 (which adds the stylo-disabled jobs) has now landed on autoland.  Please begin work to update SETA.

I discussed the landing with :jmaher on IRC as well, so I will assume you are all aware. :)
I will do this in the morning.
SETA uses mozilla-inbound as reference, thus, needing to wait until it merges to central and then to inbound.

Could you please point me to the changeset that added this?
I would like to check to see when it makes it into m-i.

NI to self.
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(In reply to Armen [:armenzg] from comment #8)
> Could you please point me to the changeset that added this?
> I would like to check to see when it makes it into m-i.

Here's the change that adds the new jobs:
> >>> JobPriority.objects.filter(platform__contains='disabled', expiration_date__isnull=False, priority=1).count()
> 536
> >>> JobPriority.objects.filter(platform__contains='disabled', expiration_date__isnull=False, priority=1).update(priority=5);
> 536L
> >>> JobPriority.objects.filter(platform__contains='disabled', expiration_date__isnull=False).count()
> 536
> >>> JobPriority.objects.filter(platform__contains='disabled', expiration_date__isnull=False).update(expiration_date=None)
> 536L
> >>> JobPriority.objects.filter(platform__contains='disabled', expiration_date__isnull=True, priority=5).count()
> 536
> >>> JobPriority.objects.filter(platform__contains='disabled').count()
> 536
> >>> JobPriority.objects.filter(platform__contains='disabled')
> <QuerySet [<JobPriority: taskcluster,reftest-e10s-6,debug,windows7-32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,reftest-e10s-4,debug,windows7-32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,reftest-e10s-2,debug,windows7-32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,mochitest-e10s-8,opt,linux32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,mochitest-e10s-9,opt,linux32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,reftest-e10s-8,debug,windows7-32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,mochitest-e10s-3,opt,linux32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,mochitest-e10s-1,opt,linux32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,mochitest-e10s-6,opt,linux32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,mochitest-e10s-7,opt,linux32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,mochitest-e10s-5,opt,linux32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,reftest-e10s-8,debug,windows10-64-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,reftest-e10s-2,opt,windows7-32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,reftest-e10s-3,opt,windows7-32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,reftest-e10s-1,opt,windows7-32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,reftest-e10s-6,opt,windows7-32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,reftest-e10s-7,opt,windows7-32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,reftest-e10s-4,opt,windows7-32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,reftest-e10s-5,opt,windows7-32-stylo-disabled>, <JobPriority: taskcluster,mochitest-e10s-browser-chrome-2,opt,linux64-stylo-disabled>, '...(remaining elements truncated)...']>

They now show in here:

>             "test-linux32-stylo-disabled/debug-cppunit",
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Assignee: nobody → armenzg
all is well except for linux64-stylo-disabled and linux32-stylo-disabled.  I believe linux64-stylo-disabled will be fixed with bug 1397435, but for linux32, I am not sure.
I believe we're done in here.

Please file a new bug if there are still anymore issues.
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