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Add option to not launch Firefox


(Testing :: mozregression, enhancement)

Version 3


(Not tracked)


(Reporter: hwine, Unassigned)


Use case: I needed to verify some aspects of the binaries, rather than behavior of the application.

It would be handy to have an option to not launch Firefox, and pass the location of the installed binary to a '--command' script somehow. (Location of the downloaded artifact might also be useful.)

More details my specific usage -- I needed to examine the distributed binary to see when a specific API key was in omni.ja -- which I could do on by greping the files in an installed instance. mozregression has all the logic to do the temporary install (I ended up replicating some of that in my script)
I had a very similar need today, to check some aspects of a fennec build, without installing and running it on a device (and without even having adb installed)
Severity: normal → S3
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