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about:telemetry global search should have headings before section results


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Currently the global search in the about:telemetry homepage does not make clear what section results come from.
We should show labels/headings to make this clear.
This is an item mentioned in bug 1393478. It isn't in the current batch of patches, so maybe this bug's a good chance to break this out a bit? What do you think, flyingrub?
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sounds good :)
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Jeremy, would you be interested in taking this?
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Mentor: chutten
Hey Georg, I would love to !
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Here is an example of what i mean.
I searched for one term and get results from different categories/sections.
Because there are no separate headings, i can't tell which sections the results are actually from. I've put each section into an h1 tag, since I'm not a really great UI designer ^^'
I hope I've covered every corner case, if I haven't please let me know and I'll follow up on this :)
This looks more clear, cheers!
I'll redirect the review to Chris here.
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Great thanks a lot ! If there's an other task you would like me to handle, please tell me. I'm trying to ramp up my js / c++ skills :)
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Bug 1395091 - about:telemetry global search should have headings before section results.

Nice use of modern language features and APIs.
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about:telemetry global search should have headings before section results. r=chutten
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It's too late for 58, mark 58 won't fix.
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