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18 years ago
dp is about to check into the build pre-generated component registry. The
install wizards should copy this when they copy the XPCOM library, and XPISTUB
should no longer all AutoReg.

This should speed install startup.  The core XPI script will also install this
pre-generated registry to the final location.


18 years ago
Target Milestone: M11

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18 years ago
Sean and Samir, we need to get this hooked up for beta.

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18 years ago
Mac counterpart bug 14153 has been entered.


18 years ago

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18 years ago
I think the release team already prebuilds the component registry as part of
their build (at least for windows).  We just have to make sure it gets installed
as part of core.  Adding Chris to the CC: list.


18 years ago
Assignee: ssu → leaf

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18 years ago
Leaf and I talked.  Reassigning to Leaf.


18 years ago

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18 years ago
the component registry can't be checked in, but we run it as part of the build
process (generating it). The problem is that we can't use the component.reg that
gets built in the build tree, because it has registered stuff like mailnews and
editor components, which won't be in core, and will lead to errors.

So i'm going to have to play with the automation in order to generate a
component.reg that fits only the dlls that are included in `core.xpi'

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18 years ago
Why can't we just use the complete one? People will ask for a component and we
won't be able to load it. They have to check for that failure whether the
component isn't registered, or it's registered but not found.

If we ship a partial one the we have to run AutoReg anyway when people select
Mail/News, in which case this is pointless and doesn't save anything.

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18 years ago
Dan, try running apprunner after you've built the full component.reg and removed
some of the editor/mail dlls in components. You'll get a bunch of dll-not found
errors. If this *shouldn't* be happening, get dp to fix it. It makes more sense
to me to ship a registry that matches the core components with no ``dll not
found'' errors, and incrementally update the registry as we add new dlls. I
thought apprunner registered new components... does it not?

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18 years ago
Well if people add on components, then the std procedure is autoreg invoked by
apprunner or by the installer. Mailnews added to the std install will fall under
this category.

Dan, although we have to deal with error, it is wrong for us to ship a component
registry that doesn't match the package.

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18 years ago
Leaf, if you're getting "DLL not found" modal dialogs then it's NOT a registry
problem -- you removed a .DLL that was hard-linked from another one which you
*didn't* remove, and the OS is giving the error. We cannot in any case package
up an install in that configuration. Either file bugs on the unclean component
separation, or it's user error on your part not removing an entire "package"

DP, there is no way to ship a component registry that matches all possible
install combinations, and I thought part of the reason of shipping this was to
avoid AutoReg. If we're going to have to AutoReg *anyway* then why bother?

I suppose a Nav-only component registry will speed the install wizard itself,
so that alone might make it worth producing.

For the beta XPInstall isn't preserving timestamps on the files (sorry, no
time), so I think AutoReg is going to get triggered anyway.

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18 years ago
i didn't say dialogs; i was referring to text messages on the console when
apprunner runs (but i guess this is just debugging info, sorry for not being
more specific). I'll just wrap up the component.reg i produce in the tree; this
will get the installer stuff ssu is waiting on unblocked.

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18 years ago
Dan, what about the case of people going to Netcenter and directly running .xpi
installer files?  Are they going to be autoreg'ed?

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18 years ago
We have to register new components, yes.


18 years ago
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18 years ago
we generate component.reg before packaging.

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18 years ago
Updating component from Install Wizard to Installer

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18 years ago
code fix-verified
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