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Prefs not in libpref/init/all.js ignored



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a year ago
Per my findings in bug 1390521 comment 3 prefs set in wpt metadata (__dir__.ini or test.ini doesn't matter) are ignored unless they are already present in libpref/init/all.js.

We ran into this as we had consciously taken a decision to not expose a certain test-only pref to about:config.
Ah! Thanks for the investigation. I don't know much about how the prefs service works, but the code to inject prefs is called at [1] and the code to actually set a pref is [2]. So if I was guessing (which I am :) I would suggest that maybe only prefs in all.js have an associated type, so in your case we end up with a PREF_INVALID and so silently do nothing?

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