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Xmarks Sync migrating to webextension APIs


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Xmarks Sync has a Chrome version.  After reaching out to their support team they said they would let the dev team know about the 57 Release deadline for migrating.

This is a candidate if there isn't a webextension version by Firefox 57 to have an alternative(s) suggested, until migrated.

Alternatives are 100% for the user experience.  After they migrate if a user needs an add-on that didn't migrate, they can find one to meet their need. 

As soon as an add-on has a webextension version update, the add-on will be updated and re-enabled for the user.  Alternative suggestions go away automatically (since there is no UX for alternatives for enabled add-ons).
The version on AMO is now a WebExtension, closing.
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I think it should be re-opened .
The xmarks web-extension version that was posted on AMO was removed , but was totally buggy and didn't work at all (according to comments on AMO, and my own experience) and the version reverted back to 4.4.1 which is not a web-extension.

Also, the current beta on AMO ( does not work for me .
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