Bogging down and or not responding with multiple tabs open or with even a single picture site open




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Steps to reproduce:

Is all I have to do is pull up a search for pictures or have a picture heavy site loaded into a tab and it severely bogs down or stops responding.  It also bogs down or stops responding with several tabs open.

Actual results:

Just as explained above.  I often have to close the entire browser to get it to work again.

Expected results:

I have switched to Opera in the meantime and have had zero issues doing the same thing on Opera browser.  Unless Firefox can fix this issue or provide me with a way to limit it, I won't be able to use it anymore.

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3 months ago
Not sure about the whole version thing.  My Firefox claims it's fully up to date.  It says version 55.0.3 released on 25 Aug, 2017.

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3 months ago
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3 months ago
Firefox hangs up and gives me the not responding message and takes a long time to respond and sometimes just ceases to respond.  I checked cpu usage and it is using essentially zero.  It used to work fine.  I only had a couple of addons.  I was that waybackmachine addon which was added after the problem began and the other was adblocker.  I removed those and it is working better.  Still a little slow, but I opened about 15 tabs and it hasn't hung up so I guess the adblocker was causing it.  If it is, then a whole lot of people have to have similar problems since it shows nearly 458 million downloads.  I hope that actually fixed it, because I really prefer Firefox's interface and ease of use.  Will be happy to go back to it.

Thank you for the reply.  It got me to checking things I hadn't thought of and to remove those couple of addon, even though they were there before the problem started.  The adblocker addon may have gotten corrupted or something.
Tested on Build ID 20170824053622  Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:55.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/55.0.3 and cannot reproduce the issue.

If you still have the issue please create and try with a new profile, you have the steps here:
Also, check if the issue can be reproduced in the safe mode of Firefox:
Thank you
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At the current level of information, i don't see how we can move forward with this issue. 
 lwood2016 please reopen this bug with additional information if it's the case: 
- My assumption is that one or more of your add-ons was causing the hang in the first place, so what you could do is to create a new profile and then install the add-ons you are using one by one while testing to see on which add-on installation it hangs. Thank you
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