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--no-pause-after-test should be the default behavior when running with MOZ_HEADLESS=1


(Testing :: web-platform-tests, enhancement)

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I tried to run a single wpt test with MOZ_HEADLESS today, and it got to 

  0:05.97 LOG: Thread-TestrunnerManager-1 INFO Pausing until the browser exits

and then sat there.  Presumably because running on test defaults to --pause-after-test... but that may not make sense when running headless.
Instead of detecting the environment variable, we might wrap this under a new --headless flag in wptrunner. This could also apply the required MOZ_HEADLESS_{WIDTH,HEIGHT} settings depending on the platform (1024x768 for Windows, 1600x1200 for everything else) to fake the screen resolution that the Web Platform Tests expect.

:jgraham, does that sound right to you? And would we make this change in mozilla-central or send it upstream to the wptrunner GitHub?
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If we make the change in mozilla-central, it will be automatically upstreamed at some point. Your general approach sounds right to me.
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