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crashed tab exclamation icon overlaps text in the tab


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Firefox 57
57.3 - Sep 19
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firefox-esr52 --- unaffected
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Had some crashy tabs (all page loads) in Nightly this evening, and noticed the tab looked wonky when the "Gah. Your tab crashed" screen was displayed.

I'm using Dark theme, Compact on OSX. Haven't looked at default theme.
Looks like it might have been caused by bug 1352119 like bug 1392622 and bug 1392792. Are you sure you're up-to-date?
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I'll check tonight, assuming I can crash a tab. I have an update pending so I'll try before and after update and post back build IDs here.
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(In reply to David Durst [:ddurst] from comment #2)
> I'll check tonight, assuming I can crash a tab. I have an update pending so
> I'll try before and after update and post back build IDs here.

If you hover over a tab it tells you the child pid, so then you can just kill that with a unix command and/or using task manager or whatever. :-)
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Attached screenshots from before updating to current and after. To make sure it wasn't due to reduced tab width, I also checked it in a window with only two tabs open.
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[Tracking Requested - why for this release]: user visible regression for the tab-crashed icon

Using mozregression I confirmed that this was broken by bug 1388509.

Based on the commit message in that patch, that patch should have only affected pinned tabs. The tab-crashed icon is placed correctly in pinned tabs, but shows up in the wrong place for non-pinned tabs now. Dao, can you take a look at this?
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QA Contact: ovidiu.boca
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Bug 1396178 - Fix tab-icon-overlay's position in non-pinned tabs.
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Fix tab-icon-overlay's position in non-pinned tabs. r=jaws
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I have verified this on Mac OS X 10.12.5 and Windows 10 x 64 with FF Nightly 57.0a1(2017-09-19) and i can confirm the fix. Now, in case of a tab crash, the exclamation icon does not overlaps the text in the tab(for non pinned tabs). Thank you
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