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network usage by Thunderbird after application has been closed / shutdown


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Steps to reproduce:

Having several Imap account.
With 1 being Google.

Close Thunderbird, monitor the last process not closing.

I've put 'security problems' as not aware of what's this heavy Network Content is about.

Actual results:

A Network load is going on, at about 45k/sec steady for as long the process is not killed. I've sometime saw it goes for 8h (Overnight), until I located it in my System monitor. Turn your Network Monitor on and watch the network usage. As soon this process is killed it's stop. All Acount are set to 'not sink'. And only happen when this 'second process' is created and doesn'T close.

Expected results:

Not drawing heavy download load.
Does this also happen if you have started Thunderbird in safe mode?
Group: mail-core-security
Component: Folder and Message Lists → Untriaged
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Are you really using TB 45? That's not maintained any more. Please use TB 52.
Ok will update to 52 and see if fixed.

I use the latest stable of Debian.

The default is 45
Flags: needinfo?(stephan)
I've updated to 52.2.1

Same issue appeared.

Guy's I code for a living too, so we can switch real talk.

I've spend a lot of time with it, 60h+ /week
It doesn't happen rarely, but when it happen it's constant.

I see the process, but the software is closed in my UI.

The only reason I see it it's because I have a system monitor.

I have the calendar too, I suspect also this one.
As they are 'linked' together.

I will try to run it in safe mode. But as it's happen so rarely in a 60h range.
That I have to spend all week under safe mode.

What informations I can provide when it happen?
I know the shell, no worries.
Ok I got a screenshot.
No Thunderbird seen in the GUI.

But can see it in Nethog of the terminal. Still running and taking the network bandwith.

What's the best way to transfer a image here?
Use "Attach File" above for a small image, otherwise upload it somewhere and paste the link.
Attached image Screenshot with NetHog
Here see bellow, 
And no Thunderbird isn't on my other monitors or desktop.

So Thunderbird is TAKING something. Not SENDING.
I Suspect the IMAP CODE, as I use Imap for my Google Account.

If that's any help.

It's  old account, I have 15 years of emails in there. (I keep everything classed in folders).
Attached image Unchecked sync.png
Double checked
As you see in the last attachement, I have this option unchecked.

So it shouldn't even try to download my entire Gmail Account.

Someone can point me where those files in the code at?
Summary: network usage → network usage by Thunderbird after application has been closed
FWIW are several linux related hangs. Suggest you strongly consider addons as potential cause.
Summary: network usage by Thunderbird after application has been closed → network usage by Thunderbird after application has been closed / shutdown
Wayne, this is a straight default install from Debian Stable.
I update my packages religiously and my entire system.

And keep a close look at my entire system, that's why I've found this issue.
So no addons I have installed, only a default config from a stable release of a well know distrib.

When I check with netstat I can see it's connecting to a IP of Google.
My first suspicion was on the Calendar, as I had my Google Calendar there too.

I've erased all my calendar's to be sure this time. Still doing it.
Well check the code of the link above when I have a minute.

Attached image Ebay.png
After a lot more of investigation when it does happen (It's about 6 times a week, 18h open per day.

It always hang, and recall one of the URL's in my emails.

NOT always the same, URL does vary.

BUT when it happen, it's always the same URL repeating.

Like the software is stuck in a while loop on calling of the URL.
Is that a Preview thing?
Ok I was able to finally figure out the issue.

The default software to open Links when you click on a link, was Thunderbird itself.

Launching itself in a loop over and over.

Strangely, I never changed this settings, as this was a Default install + update.

Possible to add a If where this is triggered, so he doesn't launch itself to view URL's
For those that will run into same issue?

Duplicate of bug 1134635

Closed: 3 months ago
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Duplicate of bug: 1134635
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