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5 months ago
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5 months ago
The extension Tree Tabs [1] does not work in a Private Browsing window, and it is claimed [2] that this is because "all WebExtensions are disabled in private windows".

If that's true, this should be fixed. Many WebExtensions, like Tree Tabs, are core productivity extensions whose functionality should be available in all windows, private or otherwise.

It's not true. No extensions are disabled in private browsing mode.
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Comment 2

5 months ago
Thanks for clarifying. I made a note of this in the Tree Tabs issue.

Comment 3

4 months ago
Please reopen the issue.
Communication with background script is blocked when in private browsing mode.
I have to investigate the problem, but I'm currently really busy, so it will take me some time.

Problem is that I receive
"Unchecked lastError value: Error: Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist."
from Firefox ExtensionCommon.jsm and console does not point me to any function in my code, so I'm not exactly sure what causes it, but my suspects are "chrome.runtime.sendMessage({command: "hey there"});" and "browser.extension.getBackgroundPage();"

I don't have time to test it this week. But for sure it's Firefox problem.

In Opera there is a checkbox in addons page; "Enable in private mode" and my extension works like it should.
In Vivaldi there is "enable in incognito". Same, works fine. Works even in Chrome, always with "enable in incognito".

Comment 4

2 months ago
(In reply to kroppy from comment #3)
> Please reopen the issue.

Check if it's either bug 781982 or bug 1313401 (via bug 1395932).

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2 months ago
(In reply to Gingerbread Man from comment #4)
> Check if it's either bug 781982 or bug 1313401 (via bug 1395932).

Both can be related if extension saves data from a sidebar in private window. In both cases, local storage is lost after closing private window.
I did not check it in more detail, since I reworked my entire logic in my extension.

Bug related to Tree Tabs is: bug 1329304
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