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Check why whole test suite was affected when test-drafts.js::test_remove_space_stuffing_format_flowed() failed


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In bug 1396218 we had test-drafts.js::test_remove_space_stuffing_format_flowed() fail and it affected 15 subsequent tests in the same directory. That made the diagnosis of the real issue harder than necessary.

Let's fix that.
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All tests putting messages in Drafts or Outbox expects their created message to be the first one in the folder (notice all the select_click_row(0); calls), they do not bother to find their message by some other means (e.g. by message-Id). It would be a bit tedious. So if any previous test fails and does not cleanup these folders after itself, all tests following it using these folders will fail.

Thankfully I have consolidated getting hold of these special folders via get_special_folder() in the past, so it should be easy to cleanup the folders before first use.
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I'm not sure why the failing test doesn't clean up. Like in this example
  if (!bodyText.includes("NoSpace<br> OneSpace<br>  TwoSpaces")) {
    assert_true(false, "Something went wrong with space stuffing");
the assert failed. Does that stop execution?
Yes I think so. assert_true throws an exception if the condition is not satisfied.
Hmm. That's not how, for example, M-C Mochitests work. There you can test things and the test counts the failures. Sure, you might want to have an assert so the test cannot continue, but in the case I quoted, it could run on. Anyway, too late now to change the concept here.
But often it makes no sense for the particular test function to continue running, it would break in the next step.
Yes, here the next step is press_delete that could work, but that is a really trivial example.
You can split logical parts that are independent into separate test_ functions. If one function fails, then next still runs.
Maybe we could split out cleanup code into separate functions, but that would again need to inspect all tests as is non-trivial.
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This looks good :-)
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clean up special folders (e.g. Inbox, Drafts, Outbox) at start to remove potential leftovers of prior failed tests. r=jorgk
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