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Steps to reproduce:

1. Install Firefox Nightly
2. Go to a web form that asks for an address, then asks for a credit card
3. Fill in the address, click Next, then fill in the credit card info

Actual results:

First there was a popup about saving the credit card. But before I could do anything to it, the popup disappeared and in its place another popup appeared talking about autofilling addresses. When I closed the autofill addresses popup, the original credit card popup was nowhere to be found. I went to Saved Credit Cards and there weren't any.

Expected results:

Once I resolved the autofill popup, the credit card popup should have appeared.
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Product: Firefox → Toolkit
Steve, how did we decide to handle this? Is this still a problem?
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Comment 2

11 months ago
Since I applied different notification ID for address/creditcard doorhanger, I assume that there should be 2 doorhanger anchor icons besides the address bar and user can trigger the doorhanger again by clicking on the icon. Maybe that's the expected behavior for popupNotification that it only show 1 doorhanger at the time. I'll verify this on the latest build.
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Comment 3

11 months ago
Created attachment 8908498 [details]

Hi dotn8, could you please help me verify if there are "2" notification icons besides the address bar like the attachment. One is for address and another one is for credit card. You'll need to autofill the data and revise part of the autofilled fields to make sure the doorhanger displayed(If you submitted an autofilled form without any changes, there will be no doorhanger popped up). Please also provide your shopping website because we want to know if there's any problem encountered by other issue, thanks.
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The current behavior is just like comment 3 so close this bug as WORKSFORME by now. Feel free to reopen it if there are still issues.
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