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User story:

As a user who has filled in lots of forms, I have many Saved Addresses in my autocomplete list. I would like to have an easier time to select an appropriate list of form values to use when complete.


Add an additional editable field "saved address identifier" to Saved Addresses. When a list of potential addresses for auto-complete is displayed identify the address primarily by the "saved address identifier" if present. In addition, place those addresses at the top of the list.

This would:
* Make it easy to find the form fields the user wants.
* Distinguish useful addresses from random saved values from strange forms or from infrequently used addresses.
Whiteboard: [form autofill]
I don't think most users would find or use such a feature so I don't think we would implement this specific suggestion. I think we should make our suggestions clear enough to be able to distinguish them without this being needed.
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a year ago
Something is needed to control the addresses. I deleted a bunch of bogus saved addresses a while ago and I currently have 23 saved addresses (not counting the addresses I created for testing form autofill).

New addresses seem to be added to the top of the list so I never know which displayed address has a full set of useful information.

I'm not sure how the suggestions can be made clear enough--there isn't enough screen width to show all the fields (and that would be annoying to use if all the fields were shown).
Component: Form Manager → Form Autofill
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