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Fix undeclared assignments in mozmill


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Now that we evaluate modules in strict mode by default, undeclared assignments are fatal errors. I think this might be causing warnings in TPS like "JavaScript error: resource://mozmill/driver/controller.js, line 31: ReferenceError: assignment to undeclared variable waitForEvents", but it's not clear to me if they're also causing the failures.
Hmm, I'm getting errors like this trying to run TPS locally, so I'm not sure if this patch fixes the issue:

TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_existing_bookmarks.js | [phase phase1] RunNextTestAction failed - Error: signIn() failed with: The request was blocked for security reasons (resource://tps/auth/fxaccounts.jsm:185:13) JS Stack trace: signIn@fxaccounts.jsm:185:13 < async*Login@tps.jsm:1154:11 < async*RunNextTestAction@tps.jsm:779:13 < async*_executeTestPhase@tps.jsm:961:13 < async*RunTestPhase@tps.jsm:899:13 < async*onStartupFinished@file:///var/folders/qv/q7lf58552szfnlqd8220txgw0000gn/T/tmp77hMqy.mozrunner/extensions/tps@tps-cmdline.js:72:7 < _delayedStartup@browser.js:1692:5 < EventListener.handleEvent*onLoad@browser.js:1387:5 < onload@browser.xul:1:1
Blocks: 1394556
Whoops, I didn't see that Mark already fixed `waitForEvents` in bug 1396740. This patch fixes up some others.
Component: Sync → TPS
Depends on: 1396740
Product: Firefox → Testing
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Bug 1396967 - Fix undeclared assignments in MozMill.

These all look good (and it's surprising some of this even works -- I'd guess it actually doesn't) but it conflicts with 1396740, so wait for that to land and rebase on top.

We should consider removing the mozmill portions of TPS, since it's unclear to me what their purpose is anymore.
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Fix undeclared assignments in MozMill. r=tcsc
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