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In OS X 10.11.6, Cmd-Click to open link in new tab, and switching quickly will crash the tab


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This is on up-to-date Nightly as of 8pm CDT on 2017/09/05 (Build ID 20170905220108)

First open the following link:

I see cards in rows of three.  For me, the middle card on the 3rd row is "SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC UHS-I card with Adapter - 98MB/s U1 A1 - SDSQUAR-032G-GN6MA"
and for reference the link is (  It appears to be something particular to this page's content.

If I Cmd-click the link and then very quickly switch to the new tab using the cmd-opt-rightarrow keyboard shortcut, I get the error "Gah. Your tab just crashed."
If I Cmd-click the link and wait 1 second or more, and then switch to the new tab it loads fine.

Things I've tried:
Laptop running 10.12.6 - can't reproduce.
Desktop running 10.11.6 with e10s disabled - can't reproduce.
Desktop running 10.11.6 with all add-ons disabled - *can* reproduce.
Desktop running 10.11.6 and switching with a very quick mouse - *can* reproduce.
Reproducibility survives Desktop reboot.
It doesn't appear to be cache related since I can let the tab load, switch to it after a second or two, and then try the whole process again, and still get the crash.

I've seen this previously, but haven't recognized a pattern until now.
Please send and provide links to the crash reports for these tab crashes (available by clicking the links in about:crashes, then just copy the URL from the URL bar).
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I don't have nearly enough crash reports under about:crashes to account for the many, many times I exercised the crash yesterday.  I also had 2 crashes opening the about:support page, and I believe the only 2 crashes reports in the list for yesterday are for those.  I'll include them, here in case they help, but the crash for this bug doesn't seem to be captured.

I'll also note that trying to reproduce this morning doesn't work, but the item is no longer marked "deal of the day".  I wonder if that is related.  I'll try to find something else marked that way to see if it reproduces on that item.
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It looks like things are crashing in apple-land. Not clear why there's so little information in the crash report, or why there don't seem to be crash reports for all the crashes you've seen (per comment #2). :spohl, do you have ideas?
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Keywords: crash, steps-wanted
Looks like a duplicate of bug 1395708.
Closed: 4 years ago
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Duplicate of bug: 1395708
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