Browser Toolbox keeps bringing back old breakpoints




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7 months ago
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7 months ago

1) Build an artifact build of nightly (I suspect this also works on all nightly builds, this is just what I'm using)
2) Have a "dev" profile and run

./mach run -P dev

3) Open the Browser Toolbox set a breakpoint and hit it.
4) Quit Nightly & Restart & re-open the toolbox.

-> The breakpoint is still there (ok!).

5) Remove the breakpoint, set a different breakpoint and hit it.
6) Quit Nightly & Restart & re-open the toolbox.

Expected Results

=> Only the second breakpoint is present.

Actual Results

=> Both breakpoints are present.

Seems to affect both content files and .jsms, Various ways of removing them don't seem to always have an effect, though sometimes they seem to disappear eventually.
I can't seem to reproduce using a clean profile and adding breakpoints on DevToolsShim.jsm::inspectNode method. I'm also using artifact builds for the record.

Few questions to move forward with the investigation:
- can you check that this is reproducible if you start the scenario with a clean profile? 
- can you share the files and lines where you are setting your breakpoints (to be sure we are testing in the same conditions)
- we recently fixed a breapoint issue in (last week). 
  I believe you should have this fix in your local build but it might be worth double checking.

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Comment 2

6 months ago
We added a quick fix here, which clears the cache if we can't remove a breakpoint. We'll do a more thorough fix soon.


6 months ago
status-firefox57: --- → fix-optional
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Comment 3

6 months ago
The latest code seems to be working fine, even on my previous profile, I'm guess the quick fix might have helped, though from the sounds of it, it would have cleared all breakpoints, and that isn't happening here.

So the good news is this seems to be working reasonably well. I can keep an eye on it, or you can close as WFM if you think that's appropriate.
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