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Verify tests for path/manifest when manifest updated


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This is a vague enhancement idea...something to consider.

Currently test-verify is triggered when a test file is modified. It could also be triggered when a .ini file is updated, with verification in this case applied to the entire manifest.

This would be useful when a skip is removed or a skip-if is modified, or tests are otherwise added or removed from a manifest *without* modifying the test. (The normal case is probably that a test file is modified *and* the manifest is updated, which today results in only the modified test coming under scrutiny; that is probably the optimal behavior for that case, and I wouldn't want to see that change.)
Additionally, if this works, we could then *not* run any task but test-verify when a manifest is updated (bug 1383880 / check with Dustin for implementation details).
Priority: -- → P3
Assignee: gbrown → nobody
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