Firefox Focus: after clearing history links are still marked as visited




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Steps to reproduce:

I started with a fresh browser session in Firefox Klar (the German localized version of Firefox Focus) on Android 6.0.1 (Cyanogenmod 13). I use the current version of Firefox Klar from the Google play store.

I visited a website and followed a link from there. Then I erased the browser history. Some time later I visited the same website again and the link was still marked as visited.

I attached a screencast demonstrating the problem.

Actual results:

A link was marked as "visited" (so had a different color than the other links) in a fresh Firefox focus session.

This can be reproduced with other links on the same website.

Expected results:

With an erased history the browser should not show that the link was visited earlier, it should be blue like all other links.

Comment 1

a year ago
The screencast showing the issue:
Hey d.

Thanks for signing up for Bugzilla to report this! Unfortunately, our Firefox Focus bugs are over at github:

This is a known issue that's been plaguing us for a while - it's a behavior of the underlying webview. There's
- The original issue [1]
- Problems with google & reddit even after the fix [2]
- A bug to track the bug in chromium [3][4]
- An additional bug for reddit [5]

I'm not sure we've seen the issue for your particular website before though – do you mind posting on github? Maybe in [5]? If it's too much work to create an account or post, feel free to post here, add the Need more information from ":mcomella" (autocomplete for me!) flag, and I can relay the information.

Thanks again!

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Comment 3

a year ago
Oh, I didn't know Firefox Focus bugs are not tracked in the mozilla bugtracker. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I'll hop over to github and post it there then.
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