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Test annotations for Quantum Render


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mozinfo knows about "asan" and "stylo", but I do not see any allowance made for Quantum Render. When a test fails only on, say, linux64-qr, is there a way to skip the test only on that test platform?
(In reply to Geoff Brown [:gbrown] from comment #1)

The discussion in that bug is about reftests. mozinfo doesn't apply to reftests.
I'm happy to see "webrender" in the reftest sandbox, and that absolutely addresses my primary concern - thanks!

If there is also the possibility of a qr-specific failure in a mochitest or other test suite, we should have a similar way of annotating tests in those suites.
Agreed that we'll need this in mozinfo as well.
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BTW the try push at includes this patch, as well as a patch that uses "skip-if = webrender" on the test in gfx/tests/chrome/chrome.ini. It seems to work fine - the M-e10s(gpu) job for linux64 still runs the test, but the corresponding QuantumRender job skips the test. I also tested locally with `MOZ_WEBRENDER=1 ./mach test ...` and got similar results which is good.
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Bug 1398223 - Add a webrender flag to mozinfo to allow using it in mochitest.ini conditions.

Looks good - thanks!
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Add a webrender flag to mozinfo to allow using it in mochitest.ini conditions. r=gbrown
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