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Descriptions for test platforms


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requires that test tasks have an entry on 

with a pointer to a wiki page with a description and a contact/owner. I feel like there should be something similar for test platforms.

(When I say "test platform", I am thinking of a horizontal line of test tasks on treeherder, like "Linux x64 QuantumRender debug" or "Android 4.0 API16+ opt".)

That description could help resolve questions like:
 - what is this test platform? (how is it different from others, does it run on physical hardware or a VM, is it on aws, what OS version, etc.)
 - why do we need this test platform?
 - how do I skip tests only on this platform?
 - who can I contact with questions about this platform?

As a bonus, it would be great if this information was easily discoverable (hover/click on test platform on treeherder).
Priority: -- → P3
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